Senior Government officials have arrived at the Beehive ahead of a national security crisis meeting.

NZ First chief of staff Jon Johansson, Civil Defence director Sarah Stuart-Black, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet's Brook Barrington, and Jacinda Ardern's deputy chief of staff Raj Nahna arrived just after 5pm after a meeting at Police National Headquarters in Wellington.

They are joining an ODESC meeting - the Officials' Committee for Domestic and External Security Co-ordination.

ODESC is a committee that manages national security that provides an all-of-government co-ordination.


Barrington, who arrived at the Beehive with no comment except to say that police will be saying more later, chairs the ODESC meeting.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has just arrived at the meeting, having flown in from New Plymouth.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush, NZ Security Intelligence Service director-general Rebecca Kitteridge and Government Communications Security Bureau boss Andrew Hampton are also expected to attend the meeting.

According the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website, ODESC:

• Provides all-of-government co-ordination at the chief executive level of the issues being dealt with through the response;
• Provides strategic advice on priorities and mitigation of risks beyond the lead agency's control;
• Ensures that the lead agency and those in support have the resources and capabilities required to bring the response to an effective resolution;
• Provides the linkages to the political level, including supporting ministers to make decisions about strategic policy, authorisation of resources or any other decisions which sit within ministers' area of control;
• Exercises policy oversight and advises the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and, when activated, the Cabinet National Security Committee, accordingly.