A Kiwi who joined Islamic State has surrendered to Kurdish forces and is being held in a Syrian prison, the ABC reports.

Mark Taylor, a former New Zealand soldier, says he was a border guard for Isis.

Taylor, also known as Mohammad Daniel and Abu Abdul Rahman, burnt his New Zealand passport after going to Syria to fight for Isis.

In 2014, Taylor, declared a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the US, claimed he'd contacted the New Zealand Government to try to get a new passport.


Taylor, who lived in Australia for 20 years, told the ABC he liked his time with Isis as it had introduced him to a "different way of life".

He told the ABC he initially taught English but made a propaganda video after he fell under suspicion for being a spy.

"I actually did regret making that video and I know the output was not good for my part but I'll know I'll probably spend time in jail for making that video," he said.

"I was helping to guard a border between Syrian Government...I had a Kalashnikov," he said.

He only used it for practice, he said.

He was also put in prison by Isis for a "ridiculous reason".

"Because I was accused of drinking alcohol and making alcohol and smoking hashish," he told the ABC.

Taylor's other regret was not being able to afford a slave, he said.


Asked what he would have done with a slave, he told the ABC:

"Clean the house, the thing is it depends on the function of the slave. For example, if my wife owned the slave I had no right to the slave whatsoever but if I had ownership of the lady then it basically entitled me to what I wanted her to do as long as it was within Islamic Sharia."

He said he would not force the woman to have sex with him, he said.

"More like a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship."

But because he couldn't afford a slave, he had to stick with his Syrian wife, he told the ABC.

Isis captured several thousand Yazidi women and girls in 2015 and began trading them as sex slaves.