Hawke's Bay man Marcus Louisson says his life is a "living hell" after three burglaries, including a terrifying home invasion, in the past week.

The burglars have taken everything from his underwear to the remotes for his alarm system, leaving him fearing if, or when, he will be targeted next.

At 6.15am on Saturday, February 23, Louisson was having a coffee in his home on Goulter St, Clive, when two cars pulled up to his driveway.

Marcus Louisson from Clive believes he is being targeted after three burglaries and an assault in one week

Under the assumption they were orchard workers, he went to greet them, but was accosted by four men instead.


"As soon as I opened the door, two Māori guys came round the corner and one of them was dressed all in red - they were definitely gang guys," Louisson said.

He said they demanded drugs and money, but when he said he did not have that, there was a "scuffle" and they threatened to "beat" him up.

"As I managed to get away from them, two more appeared, so there were four of them, and I can't handle four guys, maybe one but not four."

Louisson, in his mid 60s, fled to his neighbour's house, waking them up in the process, and called the police.

During that time, the "brazen" thieves ransacked his home, getting away with his wallet and a Rolex watch in the four minutes the home was vacant.

The previous evening, Louisson was targeted by who he believes were the same people who took the remotes for his alarm system.

The offenders also stole items including a $6000 coffee machine and bike, and even personal belongings including all his underwear and handkerchiefs.

Visibly emotional, Marcus Louisson says his life is a
Visibly emotional, Marcus Louisson says his life is a "living hell". Photo / Paul Taylor

Then on Thursday evening, Louisson's shed was targeted and a boat and tools taken.

"It is an absolute living hell And I'm just not in control of any of my stuff any more,"
Louisson said.


He planned to move in with his sister and doesn't know what the future holds in the home he has owned for the past six months.

"I'm just at my wits' end."

A police spokeswoman said they had received complaints about burglaries at Louisson's address.

They said they had "lines of inquiry to follow up" and would be keeping in touch with the victim as the cases progressed.