A Takapuna tech store has been ram-raided overnight, the second raid in Takapuna in just four days.

Locals are renewing calls for more police resources or some solution to combat the spike in crime on the North Shore.

iStore on Hurstmere Rd was hit by the raid overnight.

Pictures of the scene show the glass front doors shattered and sprawled across the store floor, while shards of glass were peppered across the footpath.


The manager of the store confirmed the raid but declined to comment when approached.

Local Adam Bennett said he was woken at 4am to the sound of police sirens and a helicopter buzzing overhead.

"Over the past two years, there has been a clear increase in crime. It is out of control at the moment."

Bennett, who has lived on the North Shore all his life, said a ram raid occurred on the North Shore, on average, every two weeks.

The community received a monthly map from police were incidents were occurring and what crimes were being committed.

They illustrated a clear spike in crime, he said.

"Many people are struggling week to week, there is a growing wealth divide. There is also an increasing issue with meth.

"Some people who can't afford things may go ahead and steal it."


Bennett who also was the administrator of a Takapuna community Facebook page said the community was calling on more police resources to address the issue.

Earlier this month, the Kauri Park Superette was hit by a raid, the third time in six months, he said.

Takapuna Dairy on Huron St was also hit by a raid in the past two months.

In addition, just four days before the iStore was hit, Michael Hill Jewellers Takapuna store was ram-raided on Sunday morning.

The ram raid at the Lake Rd store happened at 5am.

Two vehicles carrying four people smashed the front doors.

Michael Hill's New Zealand general manager, Greg Nel, said: "Four people went in, broke all the cabinets and took all the jewellery."

Nel was concerned for his staff on their return to work.

Police had charged a 20-year-old man with burglary in relation to the incident.

Police don't believe the Michael Hill burglary was related to the iStore ram raid.