King's College students have been told they're no longer allowed to use $100 notes at the school's tuck shop.

The reason behind the move is unclear, but it appears students will have to take smaller bills to get their food fix from now on.

A picture of the notice was recently posted on Twitter, drawing a variety of comments from users, from the witty - 'crikey, how many lasagne toppers is that?', to the irate 'privilege right there'.

Other Twitter users used the opportunity to reflect on how much they were given by their parents when they were younger - "S*** son, only the very richest kids at Hastings Girls had $20 notes, having a $10 was ballin'[sic]."


The post has also been shared 92 times and liked by more than 500 people.

King's principal Simon Lamb is yet to return Herald request's for comment.