Two of the men arrested in relation to an alleged roofing scam have appeared in court.

James Anthony Nolan, 26, Tommy Ward, 26, and William Donohue, 25, were connected with the group of "unruly" British tourists that caused widespread outrage throughout the country after leaving a pile of rubbish on an Auckland beach.

The three men were arrested about 3.45am at a Lower Hutt address today after police put out a public call for information on their whereabouts.

Only Ward and Donohue appeared in the Hutt Valley District Court today, charged with using a false document as if it were genuine.


They are accused of using a false Roofcare business card and forged invoice.

They are jointly charged with Nolan. It is not yet known when he will appear.

Defence lawyer Kevin Preston opposed numerous media applications to take photos and film the men. Judge Craig Thompson indicated he would allow the media applications, but Preston said he would appeal this decision, meaning media could not take photos or film until the appeal is dealt with.

He said the men were in New Zealand on holiday, so had no fixed abode. He asked for them to be remanded in custody to organise a potential bail address.

They will reappear in court tomorrow.

Police said yesterday they believed the men were in the Wellington region after receiving several reports of potential sightings around the city in the past week.

Police had warned the public to be cautious about "suspicious approaches offering home maintenance work".

The scammers tended to operate through cold calls to households.


The caller would claim they're a contractor who "just happens to be in the area", Detective Senior Sergeant Bridget Doell said.

"But the reality is, they are often just out to obtain easy money and will quickly leave after starting work."

Doell said homeowners often felt pressured to hand over money.

"If you find yourself in this situation – do not engage and do not hand over any money," she said.

The family of British tourists made headlines around the world since a video emerged of rubbish being strewn on a Takapuna beach reserve and claims they had tried to rip off several restaurants and motels.