A young South Auckland girl who died from a "racing heart" has left a big hole in her family who remember their precious daughter's sparkly eyes and cheeky little laugh.

Taya Kauri, 9, died on February 8 at Middlemore Hospital after going into cardiac arrest.

A Givealittle page set up for the girl's family said their princess had woken up on the morning of Friday 8 February complaining of a racing heart.

"Despite being rushed to Middlemore hospital, the wonderful medical team were unable to save our girl," the page set up by Taya's aunt Nicole Pigou said.


Taya's mum Monique Kauri told Stuff her daughter had complained of a burning feeling in her chest and a fast heartbeat, which she thought might just be anxiety about going to school.

She took her to Papakura's Accident and Emergency clinic where Taya's heart rate was almost more than double a normal resting heart beat and she was rushed by ambulance to hospital.

But despite the best efforts of the medical staff she died six hours later after going into cardiac arrest from vomiting, Stuff reported.

Taya had been having health trouble for a year and doctors initially put her symptoms down to anxiety. She would be out of breath, lose her appetite and got tired.

Kauri told Stuff she had felt deep down that Taya's problem was not anxiety and was now hoping to get answers to the cause and to ensure it didn't happen to her other daughters.

A the Givealittle page has been setup for the family to help take the financial pressure off her parents and four sisters while they grieve. As of Tuesday night, $12,500 had been raised.

"Taya was kind and nurturing - looking out for others less fortunate and making sure no one was left behind... She was so so special to those of us lucky enough to have known her," the Givealittle page said.