Police have been left shocked after pulling over a trailer load so wide it scraped portions of barriers as it travelled 160km of State Highway 1.

The load - an oversized seed driller - was so big it posed a risk not only to road signs and barriers but also other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

Concerned members of the public reported the vehicle to police which was eventually and safely pulled over.

While the driver now faces a possible fine, Counties Manukau posted about the incident on their Facebook page this afternoon reminding people to "think twice" before transporting oversized items or equipment.


"It made a 160km journey from Waikato to Auckland and part of the trailer was seen scraping against the barriers of the Southern Motorway.

"The way the trailer was loaded was extremely hazardous to other cars on the motorway, as well as vehicles and pedestrians off the roadside.

"We managed to get it off the road, but the driver could face a $600 fine for unsafe loading."

Police said it was a reminder for people not to overload their trailers, make sure it was securely loaded and "arrange the load so it doesn't project outside the body of the vehicle".

"Drive safe everyone."

โš  Please think twice before loading up your trailer with oversized items or equipment! โš ๐Ÿš› ๐Ÿš— Our road policing staff...

Posted by Counties Manukau Police on Sunday, 17 February 2019