The family of so-called unruly tourists were issued with trespass notices for all Burger Kings across New Zealand after using children "as tools" for getting free food.

Information, obtained under the official information act (OIA), revealed previously unknown details about an incident at a Burger King in Hamilton last month, where both Police and Immigration NZ were called.

A briefing from police reveals Burger King staff advised that the Doran family (aka the unruly tourists) would take a few bites from ordered food then wait half an hour before returning it, claiming it was cold.

They would also spill drinks over the food and demand a new meal, the OIA says.


"The family appeared to use the children as tools in assisting with this, and getting them to take old food from customers' deserted tables, then trying to demand a refund with the cold food."

Burger King staff also complained that the kids would yell obscenities into the drive-through speaker's box and were showing aggression and rudeness to other customers.

"When refused a refund/replacement food … the family would become aggressive … banging the counters in the arcade, as well as swearing at them."

Despite this, Burger King staff did not wish to pursue a formal complaint in regard to the behaviour, the OIA said.

"All [family members] were issued with trespass notices for all Burger King Restaurants throughout New Zealand."

There are 83 Burger Kings across the country.

There were four children, two of whom were infants, and four adults, present at the Burger King saga.

The family was served Deportation Liability Notices (DLN) later that day.


According to Immigration New Zealand, a DLN provided the family with the opportunity to give "good reason" why deportations should not proceed.

INZ did not respond to questions about whether the family provided a good reason to officials.

Tina Maria Cash, 26, who was part of the unruly group, the next day admitted theft charges in the Hamilton District Court.

The court heard that Cash stole a can of Red Bull from a Caltex service station at Albany on December 31.

On January 28, the family touched down in the UK.