A motorist waiting at traffic lights has died after they were ploughed into by another car at a busy Auckland intersection.

The man had been waiting at the traffic lights at the intersection of Botany Rd and Ti Rakau Dr in Golflands about 5pm on Monday when another car ploughed into the back of them.

Auckland dentist Dr Jacky Lam, an ex-St John first responder, arrived minutes after the crash and worked with emergency services and a trainee nurse who was at the scene to try to save the man's life.

The man was wearing his seatbelt but looked like he had received quite a "strong impact" in the crash, Lam said.


"I have seen some things like that, but never that bad. The car that hit him must have been going very fast."

Fatal crash at the intersection of Ti Rakau Drive and Botany Road. Photo / Sam Sword
Fatal crash at the intersection of Ti Rakau Drive and Botany Road. Photo / Sam Sword

Police cut the seat belt and they managed to pull the unconscious man out of the car and performed CPR for several minutes, but could not revive him.

"It is such a tragedy. This man was out enjoying the day, doing nothing wrong, waiting at the lights and then this happened, just gone, it could be any one of us. It has damaged a family's life too."

Inspector Cornell Kluessien said three cars - an SUV, a four-wheel drive and a wagon - were waiting at the lights on Botany Rd when the third car was rear-ended.

"The last car came up at high speed and ran into the back of the third car and shunted all three of them forward," Kluessien said.

"The person in the third car died, a single occupant and the person in the last car - that hit them - was trapped initially, and had to be removed by the fire brigade."

The person in the fourth car, a Holden sedan, was removed from the car and taken to Middlemore Hospital.

The police Eagle helicopter also attended the scene, landing on the road and picking up a police photographer who took aerial photographs of the incident.