A Trade Me auction for a Bunnings hat made famous by a young foul-mouthed tourist at an Auckland beach sold for $1000.

However, the new owner of the hat, which is allegedly connected to the family now known as the "unruly tourists", says he does not want to receive the item.

"I just wanted to make a donation to Mercy Hospice," Wellington-based Trace Quinn told the Herald today.

"I don't really want the hat and have told the seller they don't need to send it to me.


"If they do, I'll probably just hang it on the wall or something," he added.

Quinn made his $1000 winning bid just after 2am on Sunday, a big step up from the previous bid of $640, posted a couple of hours earlier.

The hat of the young foul-mouthed traveller who made headlines. Photos / Supplied, Trade Me
The hat of the young foul-mouthed traveller who made headlines. Photos / Supplied, Trade Me

"I'd been watching the auction and found the whole thing quite humorous," he said.

"I was hanging out with a few friends and thought 'bugger it, why not?' and placed the bid."

Quinn, who doesn't think the hat he purchased is genuine, says his donation to Mercy Hospice was one way of having something good come out of the whole "unruly tourists" saga.

The auction was set up last Wednesday for a size 12 Bunnings hat. It started off with a reserve of just $1.

The seller claimed to have found the hat discarded near Takapuna Beach, the same location the young tourist was filmed threatening a group of women.

"Bunnings hat. Used condition. Found near Takapuna Beach discarded. Although this is a very attractive and stylish hat I cannot be responsible for any obscenities that may flow from your mouth or rude hand gestures while wearing the hat," the seller wrote.


The proceeds of the auction were always intended to go to Mercy Hospice.

Controversy continues to surround the group of tourists in New Zealand.

Earlier today, the group crashed their car in Māngere, claiming they were distracted by people yelling "gypsy scum" at their vehicle.

Witnesses at the scene said the van went over the median barrier at the end of Thomas Rd and Massey Rd.

They said the British tourists caused quite a scene as they took all their belongings from the car and proceeded to walk along the road.

They were said to be yelling at each other, and carrying bags and a child's car seat.