The family name of the unruly tourists has been run into the ground since travelling New Zealand this month says a member of the British family.

At a caravan site in the East Midlands, the brother of the eldest member said the friendly and law-abiding family have been tarnished by New Zealanders.

"They are feeling awful, they feel unsafe. Every time they go to the shops someone takes a picture of them," he told The Times.

"They are very nice working-class people and their names been trashed and there were only eight or nine of them not dozens as people are making out."


The brother said the family - who have left a wake of chaos behind them - had spent $19,000 on their dream holiday.

The Times reports John Johnson, also known as Joe Doran, is actually 30-year-old Miley Doran.

Joe Doran leaves Auckland Airport in a green Honda Odyssey on Tuesday morning. Photo / NZME
Joe Doran leaves Auckland Airport in a green Honda Odyssey on Tuesday morning. Photo / NZME

Other members of the group include the family's 55-year-old matriarch, Barbara, her husband, Larry, and Miley's wife Eileen.

Barbara and Larry's other daughter-in-law, Tina Cash, admitted stealing from a service station in Auckland and was fined in Hamilton District Court.

"The family name has been dragged through the mud. They are law abiding and go to church, we all do," Larry's brother told The Times.

"No way would they do all of this. They wouldn't do a thing like that. Larry said he went to hell when he got off the plane."

The brother's 16-year-old son also told The Times: "It's been humiliating. All my friends at school are joking about it and I'm seeing all the videos on social media.

"They've been targeted because they are Travellers."

Yesterday morning members of the family were spotted at Auckland Airport and were expected to fly out in the afternoon.

Four of the group were seen in the vehicle bay outside the international terminal but drove off when approached by the Herald.

The same vehicle was parked in a loading zone on Shortland St for the afternoon and even notched up a parking ticket for overstaying the 5-minute limit.

Faster than you can say "unruly tourists", the remaining members of the infamous family took off in downtown Auckland.

Their bashed up and grubby Honda Odyssey had been parked on Shortland St all afternoon until the oldest man returned around 4.45pm.

Rejecting offers to talk to a reporter on the scene by blankly ignoring them, the patriarch fired up the van and drove around the corner into Queen St.

Other members of the family including "John Johnson", or Joe Doran according to an unofficial family spokesperson, and a woman got in the van near Vulcan Lane.

The Herald understands four of the group boarded a flight to Hong Kong which left Auckland Airport at 3pm yesterday.