The former ringleader of the Roast Busters, Joseph Parker, appears to be using his notoriety to jump start a musical career saying in a song he wants to turn "regrets" into "trophies".

The 23-year-old has uploaded a video to Patreon, the popular crowdfunding site where fans can support artists, asking for people to fund his musical career.

Parker's Patreon currently has no donations and the majority of comments on his songs posted to Youtube have been negative.

Parker and Beraiah Hales gained national attention after they were alleged to have been the ringleaders of the Roast Busters, a group who bragged about having sex with girls as young as 13.


The group was investigated by police several times after a 13-year-old made a formal complaint in 2011.

No one was ever charged in relation to the allegations - despite the police investigation and an exhaustive review - due to a lack of evidence.

A song called trophies, shared on Parker's Youtube channel in December, details that the group planned to share videos in order to make an online career from the social media buzz around them.

"Our buzz was popping off and s*** was looking kind of great even though to maintain it we had to be a certain way. But that's ok, cause I had something in the works on my brain we'll make a video and broadcast it for all to be seen.

"Cause everybody already thinks we are crack up around here, so imagine if we take this thing for the whole world to hear, we'll be legends around the streets, man I swear, and we could turn that buzz into an online career," Parker says in the song.

Towards the end of the song Parker said moving to Los Angeles and attending church saved his life, "running from a past he couldn't face".

In a Patreon introductory video he talks about mistakes he made as a teenager.

"As a teenager I made some decisions that I thought would be able to catapult me into a career doing the things that I loved but all it did was show me the people I hurt and left me with a stain on my reputation that'll be there for life."


Two days after the video was uploaded, Newshub aired an exclusive interview with Parker who said he hoped people would see he had changed since roast busters.

The 23-year-old told Newshub he was speaking out in an attempt to "make amends" for the actions of the group and since the event had changed "mentally and spiritually".


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