This summer the Chronicle is bringing you another look at some of the best content of 2019. This story originally ran on January 21, 2019

It's the biggest weekend on the city's calendar - the Whanganui Vintage Weekend, and this year's was another cracker.

"Throughout the weekend there's a whole heap of different experiences for a whole heap of different ages and interests and all with a vintage theme," said Event Organiser, Heather Cox.

"Vintage Weekend came about originally because the vintage car club had some events here and the community, especially Main Street Whanganui and the Whanganui District Council, saw the opportunity to collaborate and run some events that supported and provided additional activities for those car club members."


But in 2019, the big question was - what exactly is vintage?

When asked, many people thought immediately of the 20s, the 50s and even the 80s. But most agree, vintage is anything that's old enough to be remembered fondly, and it helps if there's piece of it in your wardrobe or garage.

"Vintage is something from our past worth celebrating, especially that which represents the best of its kind," said Cox. "And we're not fussy about era, it can be from the 1900's to the 1980's or 1990's.

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"Whanganui is one of New Zealand's oldest cities. We've got these amazing heritage buildings, we've got the river and we've got a community that's full of talent. And so all of that is showcased at the Whanganui Vintage Weekend."

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