Auckland theme park Spookers joined the hordes of people mocking the unruly travellers on social media on Friday night but have since taken the video down, admitting their take on the saga "went too far".

The Auckland attraction posted a video on their Facebook page showing two zombies attacking one of the family members, a man who claims his name is John Johnson, and killing him while shouting "die boy" and "time to go home".

The video, posted on Friday night, had already been viewed around 5000 times on Saturday morning but was then deleted.

Spookers posted the video on Facebook page, captioning it 'Unruly revenge'. Photo / Facebook
Spookers posted the video on Facebook page, captioning it 'Unruly revenge'. Photo / Facebook

While some thought it was funny, others believed Spookers has gone too far and is "inciting violence".


Spookers owner Julia Watson told the Herald that, at first, the video was meant as "a bit of a laugh" but, after reading feedback on Facebook, she realised it was "not suitable".

"It was as bit of a laugh but we do realise it was probably taking it too far," Watson said. "Some people thought that was taking it too far and we agree and have taken it on board."

The tourists, dubbed the unruly travellers, are said to be "hiding" in the Wellington hills, and claim to be "scared to move".

"We are a respectable family, we are a British family who have come here, as a Commonwealth country, to see New Zealand, to see the Hobbits and see the mountains," a member of the family told Newshub on Friday.

"The way we have been treated, intimidated, we are scared to leave, we are scared to move, we are hiding at the moment. We don't know what to do."

Spookers isn't the only business to jump on the unruly travellers saga. Yesterday, Hell Pizza unveiled its "Unruly Tourist" pizza.

A billboard at Victoria Park in Auckland trumpets the limited edition "Unruly Tourist Pizza", which "may contain hair and ants".

This is a direct reference to excuses allegedly used by the notorious tourists to avoid paying for meals when eating at restaurants.