Footage of a Lime scooter burnout in Dunedin has been posted on a Facebook group.

Shaey McDonnell filmed the burnout two days ago, on Spencer Street, and uploaded it to Facebook, saying the scooter was better than a "Honda".

The Dunedin local says the scooters have been used by a number of people "to do skids and tricks" since they launched in the city last week.

"We don't intend to hurt ourselves," he added.


The video got more than 100 comments in just a few hours on the closed group it was posted to.

While some found the video funny, others thought this is one example of a person's "fun" ruining it for others.

Lime scooters arrived in Dunedin last week and it didn't take long for a number of people to flock to ED with scooter-related injuries, mostly to hands, feet and head.

''We have not collated actual numbers, but anecdotally, we are seeing around five to seven presentations per day in the emergency department directly attributable to Lime scooters,'' Southern District Health Board nursing medicine director Jenny Hanson told the Otago Daily Times.

''These have mostly been a mix of minor to moderate injuries to hands, feet and heads.''

Earlier this week, someone dumped a Lime scooter on train tracks in Dunedin, an act that endangered people's lives, according to KiwiRail.

The scooter ended up getting hit by a shunt train on Sunday.

Police in the city are keeping a close eye on Lime scooter users to try curb reckless behaviour, especially the world's steepest street, Baldwin St.