PB Tech is under fire after controversially using footage of a real-life crash in South Auckland where a woman was dragged along the ground by a car in one of their latest ads.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week which shows dashcam footage of a car being rear-ended on Great South Rd.

Footage shows the man who was rear-ended by a white car getting out to talk to the driver who hit him, but suddenly the situation escalates.

A woman from the white car suddenly flings her door open and begins to swear and yell at the man who was rear-ended.

Photo / PB Tech / YouTube
Photo / PB Tech / YouTube

But as she opens the door to jump back into the car, the driver is seen taking off dragging the screaming woman along the ground before she lets go and is left stranded in the middle of the road.

As footage rolls on, the driver of the white car then pulls over to pick up the woman who was dragged across the road.

Photo / PB Tech / YouTube
Photo / PB Tech / YouTube

The ad then cuts to a message for viewers saying: "Without a dash cam, would anyone believe you?".

It is understood the footage was from a dashcam of a PB Tech employee.

The ad then goes on to advertise one of their dash cams for sale.

PB Tech has been approached for comment.