New Zealand's first man has reeled in some attention on social media today with a "sexy" photo of his latest catch.

Clarke Gayford took to Instagram this morning to show off a 30kg kingfish he caught while jigging in Gisborne.

However, the photo has attracted attention for more reason than one, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's partner pointing out that the cameraman had failed to notice his "Christmas stomach" sticking out.

"I'm not sure what's the sexiest part of this photo," he said in the post.


"The 30kg kingfish on jig; the limited edition white Honda 250HP peeking seductively over the seat; or my 'Christmas stomach' sticking out that the camera guy failed to notice."

Commenters jumped at the chance to remark on Gayford's physique, with one stating, "It's called Dad Bod, Clarke, and it's very in at the moment!"

While another posed that "the real question is who is the biggest catch, you or the fish?"

From the list of replies, it seems the sneaky preview of Gayford's torso has won over the humongous fish that dominates the picture, with many saying "Definitely you Clarke".