A man was stabbed with the end of a broken bottle during a brawl in central Auckland this afternoon.

One witness told the Herald he heard a scuffle and a bottle being broken. As he got closer he saw seven men brawling and the broken bottle being used as a weapon.

Another witness said he saw a group of men, who had American accents, in a verbal altercation with another man on the other side of the road.

After the American group walked away the witness said he saw the other man smash a bottle and follow them.


St John confirmed it received a call about the stabbing at 4pm and sent two ambulances.

When the Herald arrived at the scene – on Federal Street, close to the Sky Tower – there are three police cars, with six officers there.

Police were picking up pieces of glass and putting them in evidence bags. A pool of blood was visible on the street.

A police officer said there was a fight between two groups, the reasoning unknown, and one man received cuts to his arm from broken bottle.

No one had been arrested but the officer said police had a couple of suspects.

The injured man was taken to hospital as a precaution but did not sustain life threatening injuries.

SkyCity staff were seen talking to police.