A restaurant-bar in Christchurch has apologised following an incident which saw a bouncer violently push-over an intoxicated patron.

The man who caught the push on camera, bystander Raymond Wedlake, told the Herald last night he had complained about the incident to police.

Footage shows the man standing outside the entrance of Chic in central Christchurch in front of the bouncer.

Following several moments, the bouncer starts to walk towards the man who backtracks towards the road and the two men come face-to-face.


It's unclear if they share words but the bouncer soon gives him a two-handed push and the man stumbles backwards, eventually hitting his head on a parked car.

Wedlake had watched the man attempt to gain entry to Chic "for a while" and saw the bouncer lightly push the man several times before he started filming.

"He'd definitely had a few shandies, I'm not going to lie about that, but there was no real provoked behaviour," Wedlake said.

"The bouncer pushed him a couple of times, minor, but he wasn't doing anything except trying to gain entry and holding his ID up.

"He wasn't aggressive or anything, just like the video shows, and then the bouncer stepped in there and completely pushed him."

Wedlake said the man wasn't hurt in the incident but said it could have ended a lot worse.

Chic owner Peivand Yazdan told the Herald an internal investigation had taken place and "appropriate disciplinary procedures put into motion".

"There is no excuse for what has taken place at the door. We do understand it was highly unprofessional and should not have happened," he said.


"Our guard has worked this job for the past three years with us and is known for his friendly personality and welcoming demeanour.

"We are truly shocked with what has happened as are many people that have messaged us as they too know him as a friendly gentleman."

Yazdan said the man who was pushed had first been refused entry to the bar on Saturday morning around 2am, according to CCTV footage.

The man was rejected entry but remained in the area and tried several times within the next 30 minutes to gain entry, he said.

"[The bouncer] was clearly aggravated by the young male after almost 30 minutes of interaction with no avail and acted inappropriately," Yazdan said.

"After speaking with our guard, he is truly sorry about what has happened and apologises for the upset caused by his actions.

"We will do all in our power to ensure this doesn't happen again."

Yazdan said he was attempting to reach out to the man who was pushed and apologise to him about the incident directly.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the incident had been reported but was still being assessed and was yet to be assigned.