Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced the appointments of four new diplomats in overseas postings.

Tredene Dobson has been named Ambassador to Iraq.

Dobson, who served in a number of roles with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) since 2003, is currently responsible for international security policy in its international security and disarmament division.

New Zealand's largest military deployment is in Iraq, supporting the Iraqi Government and helping rid Iraq of the threat posed by Islamic State.

"New Zealand is also making an important contribution to development and humanitarian assistance in Iraq. We contribute towards initiatives to help recovery and rebuilding in areas liberated from ISIS, and support the removal of explosive hazards left by the conflict enabling Iraqis to return to their homes," Peters said.

Peter Kell, the current Deputy Head of Mission and Consul-General in Japan, has been appointed Ambassador to the Philippines.

"Our trade relationship, underpinned by the Asean Australia New Zealand Free Trade Area and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, is growing rapidly growing with many exciting opportunities on the horizon and Mr Kell will work to carrying on this growth."

Linda Te Puni will be New Zealand's next Ambassador to Chile.

Te Puni is currently a special adviser in the Americas and Asia Group. She has previously served New Zealand as non-resident High Commissioner to Tuvalu, as the Administrator of Tokelau, as well as Consul-General to the French Pacific and High Commissioner to the Cook Islands.


Trevor Matheson will become the new High Commissioner to Samoa, with accreditation to American Samoa.

"As one of our closest neighbours, and one of our longest-standing partners, we have had close relations with Samoa since it achieved independence in 1962.

"More than 144,000 Samoans live in New Zealand, and their art, sport, language and politics make an important contribution to New Zealand and Dr Matheson will be responsible for continuing to uphold this long-standing relationship," Peters said.