Each weekday The Front Page keeps you up to date with the biggest news in New Zealand. Today, police reveal they're searching for a shovel in connection with the Grace Millane murder, a man's been charged with murder over the death of a woman in Auckland's Flat Bush, family violence figures have been revealed, and talks continue to avert a pre-Christmas strike of Air New Zealand aircraft engineers. Hosted by Juliette Sivertsen.

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Police investigating the murder of Grace Millane are now looking for a shovel, believed to be related to her murder.

They are looking for a red Atlas Trade hardwood long-handle, round-mouth shovel.


It could be anywhere between Scenic Drive, where her body was discovered, and central Auckland.

Detective Inspector Scott Beard says someone may have come across it and taken it home and they'd like to speak to that person, or anyone who's seen it.

The scene examination at Scenic Drive is now complete.

Detective Beard says he's reluctant to give any details, but he has confirmed Grace's body was intact when recovered.

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Police investigating the murder of Grace Millane are looking for a red Atlas Trade hardwood long-handle, round-mouth shovel. Photo / NZ Police
Police investigating the murder of Grace Millane are looking for a red Atlas Trade hardwood long-handle, round-mouth shovel. Photo / NZ Police

TVNZ has delayed a new murder series due to apparent similarities to the killing of Grace Millane.

The show Find My Killer which stars break-out Hawke's Bay actor Taine Rutherford , follows the disappearance and slaying of 17-year old Mia Bryant, and the use of social media in solving the case.

TVNZ told Hawke's Bay Today it had decided to postpone the broadcast.


The premiere, which was going to begin on TVNZ On Demand, was due to air this coming Monday.

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The Justice Minister says the British media are doing nothing to help Grace Millane's family.

The 26-year-old accused of her murder has been granted interim name suppression, meaning no one in New Zealand can publish his name, including on social media.

However, UK media aren't bound by that ruling, , which is why they were able to publish his name online.

Andrew Little says they're putting the ability to have a fair trial at risk.

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A man has been charged with murder after a woman was found unconscious with serious wounds in Flat Bush last night.

The 34-year-old was taken to Middlemore Hospital but died from her injuries.

Police say while officers were at the scene, a man contacted police, alleging he was the offender.

He was located by police in Botany and brought back to Manukau Police station.

Police say the alleged offender was known to the victim.

A 33-year-old has been charged with murder.

Neighbour Vishaldeep Singh says the woman was a very kind lady, who lived in the house with her toddler.

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Harrowing family violence statistics have been released.

Last year, police investigated one family harm case every four minutes.

Justice sector Chief Science Adviser Dr Ian Lambie's presented a discussion paper called exactly that, "Every Four Minutes".

It reveals family violence is widespread, and largely a symptom of complex social and psychological issues, but it can be solved, and it is everyone's responsibility to help end it.

The paper contained some sobering statistics.

Thirty five per cent of women experience physical sexual partner violence.

One in four women from high-income households, experience physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

Fourteen per cent of men report being victims of physical violence in their relationships.

At least one in 10 New Zealand men have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

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The teenager who killed a Countdown security guard with one punch, was on bail at the time of the deadly attack.

Eighteen-year-old Sydney Kokiri has today pleaded guilty in the High Court in Auckland to the manslaughter of Goran Milosavljevic.

Milosavljevic was felled by a single punch in the Papakura Countdown store in May, and died early the next morning.

Kokiri was on bail at the time on charges including burglary, dangerous driving and failing to remain stopped for police.

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Police have accepted they made a number of mistakes while investigating an alleged teacher-student relationship.

In 2014, police received an allegation of inappropriate contact between Gisborne teacher Sam Back and 13-year-old student Reiha McLelland.

In June that year, Police concluded there was insufficient evidence of offending.

Reiha took her own life just weeks later.

But it was later revealed she and Back had exchanged more than 4000 text messages in three months.

An Independent Police Conduct Authority investigation found there was a failure to properly assess evidence, leads which were not followed, a conflict of interest which was not managed and inadequate supervision of the inquiry.

Former Gisborne detective sergeant Theo Ackroyd caught much of the criticism - he was supervisor of the child protection team, while also leading the school board of trustees where the teacher worked.

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Air New Zealand managers and unions continue to meet with a mediator in a bid to avert what would be a damaging strike before Christmas.

The airline says there is ''currently'' no impact to flights as a result of proposed industrial action by Air New Zealand aircraft maintenance workers, which would start on December 21, one of the busiest days for travellers this summer.

The airline says on its travel alert page it continues to mediate with the unions, with the hope of reaching a reasonable resolution and avoiding a strike if at all possible.

It goes on to say if industrial action were to go ahead, they'd do everything possible to mitigate impact to services and get customers to where they need to be.

It is understood negotiations before a private mediator went late into last night.

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Phil Twyford's facing two big issues with leaders in his portfolios, although is at pains to point out he doesn't make the appointments.

Kiwibuild head Stephen Barclay's been off work for three weeks and is in an employment dispute.

And Transport Agency head Fergus Gammie's suddenly resigned.

Twyford wouldn't discuss the Barclay dispute but says Gammie's done the right thing.

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The Deputy Prime Minister's off to the US this week.

Winston Peters flies to Washington D.C. tomorrow, where he says he'll be strongly advocating New Zealand's position on the issue of steel and aluminium tariffs.

Peters says our aluminium is of the highest standard, and is not in competition with any product in America.

Peters will have talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other senior members of the US Administration.

He'll also meet with US Vice President Mike Pence, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Adviser John Bolton.

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American fastfood chain Taco Bell is set to launch next year in Australia and New Zealand, with more than 60 stores set to open.

The stores will be built between January next year and June 2024.

Restaurant Brands made the announcement to the New Zealand Stock Exchange this morning that it had reached an agreement with Taco Bell Restaurants Asia to bring the brand Down Under.

Restaurant Brands already owns and operates 36 Taco Bell stores spread throughout Hawaii and Guam.

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When Taco Bell launches in New Zealand next year it won't be one of the large-format in-your-face drive-thru stores made famous in the United States.

CEO of Restaurant Brands Russel Creedy says the focus will be on fast, casual dining restaurants located in high-foot-traffic areas.

Creedy says the stores will promote dining-in as opposed to takeaway through drive-thru, he said.

Russel Creedy is promising prices will be cheaper than alternative Mexican food prices in the market.

He says they're certainly not looking to price above or even on parity to other Mexican chains.

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Kiwis have made big savings on fuel in November and many of us headed straight off to the pub - or the mall.

Stats NZ says the biggest monthly drop in fuel spending in a decade coincided with people spending more at department stores, bars, cafés, and restaurants.

Card spending on fuel was down 7.2% when compared with October 2018.

Retail statistics manager Sue Chapman says spending on fuel was $625m, the lowest monthly total since October 2017.

But we're spending money on other things.

ASB economist Mark Smith says the Black Friday sales appear to have boosted apparel and durable retail, with hospitality having a good November month.

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There's been a new case of measles in Auckland.

An infected person flew into Auckland Airport from Manilla on Friday November 30, at 2.05pm.

The Public Health Service is contacting passengers sitting near the infected person on Philippine Airlines flight PR218.

Other people who may have been in contact with the infected person are also being contacted - and those at risk of catching the disease may be placed in quarantine.

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How many of you are closet Shortland Street fans and just too scared to admit it?

One reviewer thinks that could be the reason why Shortland Street: The Musical has had to cancel its national tour.

The musical is a parody of the iconic Kiwi TV series, making fun of all the things that make up Shortland Street, such as the multiple wives of Dr Chris Warner, the Christmas cliffhangers and the various serial killers over the show's more than 25-year history.

Early reviews were full of praise and the opening performance earned a rare - and lengthy - standing ovation.

However, this week it was announced that tour has been cancelled as ticket sales were so low they could no longer justify taking the show on the road.

A staff member reportedly told Newstalk ZB's Andrew Dickens that people were simply unwilling to admit they were fans of Shortland Street in public.

The online reaction seems to support that idea as people seemed almost gleeful to hear that the show had failed.

But NZME's Ethan Sills says it's disappointing to see people revel so openly in the demise of a local production.

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