A man who allegedly punched another motorist at a Dunedin Repco during a road rage incident has been let off with a warning by police.

Police were called about 10am today to the carpark of the Crawford St auto parts store to a reported assault.

Speaking to the Otago Daily Times at the scene, the victim said he was driving towards north on the Southern Motorway near Lookout Point, when he changed lanes.

While he denied cutting anyone off, the manoeuvre evidently angered the driver of a large brown motor-home, which began following him close behind as the pair travelled towards Dunedin.


"He was on my a** all the way to into town.''

The driver stopped in the Repco carpark, when the man in the motor-home exited his vehicle, walked up to the man's car and began filming with his cellphone, while remonstrating with the man.

The motor-home driver then punched the man in the face, and the victim backed off, not wanting a fight, he said.

"I don't retaliate these days, it wouldn't be a good fight.''

He did not appear to have been injured.

After this, the motor-home driver fled the scene as police were called.

While two officers were interviewing the driver and a witness, the motor-home returned to the scene, and the alleged assailant began speaking to police.

A police spokeswoman said the driver of the motor-home was spoken to by police and warned for threatening behaviour.