A father who allegedly found photos of his 11-year-old daughter on a tourist's cellphone believes the discovery is "just not normal".

Jade Clamp had grabbed the cellphone from the hands of a 20-year-old foreign national who had been confronted by staff from McDonald's in Dannevirke.

Unbeknownst to Clamp, his partner had reported the man after he allegedly pointed his cellphone at her and the couple's daughter in a toilet cubicle in the restaurant.

Clamp's partner alerted McDonald's staff, and an employee went into the bathroom and looked underneath.


"Not long after a guy walked out and she said 'that's him', because she believed she recognised the shoes," Clamp said.

The man made for his car, which unfortunately for him, was parked next to Clamp.

A McDonald's staff member confronted the man.

"I jumped out of my car and said 'that's a pretty big thing to accuse him of, let's get his phone and have a look.' I opened the phone, went into his photos and videos- then I saw my kid," Clamp claimed.

"I'm still picturing it now, it's just not normal.''

The man is now facing multiple charges of making an intimate visual recording after he was arrested and is due to appear in the Dannevirke District Court on Thursday.

Clamp and his family had been heading to Napier to take part in the IronMaori event last Thursday when the incident happened.

It had focused the family on the well being of their children, Clamp said.

"My oldest is pretty shaken up, she comprehends things, they're both really shaken. We're just taking the right steps to make sure they come out of this alright."


A McDonald's spokesperson said they were gratified by the quick actions of their Dannevirke staff members.

"We're proud that our staff reacted quickly when alerted to the incident and supported the customers involved. They are now assisting police with their investigation."