Hastings District Council says the road where a car crashed into a house is not eligible to be "calmed".

A council spokesperson said to intervene, for example by putting speed bumps on the road, at least 15 per cent of drivers would need to be driving at 60km/h along the road, 10km/h above the speed limit.

They said Murdoch Rd East was below this threshold and the council had not received any complaints about speed on the road.

The woman whose house was crashed into, Juanita Kotze. said she was disappointed at the council's response.


"That is pathetic, and disappointing.

"In actual fact what that says to me is they want someone to die before they'll do anything."

She said many people with children walk or ride their bikes down the road and she was concerned a similar incident would occur during the day.

"You can't say these incidents only happen when you're safe in your home sleeping.

"It's a complete disregard of the public safety."

She said if Saturday's morning incident had been the only one on the road, she would have understood, but there have been multiple incidents.

"How many incidents do they need before that would warrant an intervention."

She says she no longer lets her 2-year-old son play on the front lawn.


The road was notorious for boy racers, Kotze said.

She said people race in broad daylight, and they do burn outs at night.

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, thought speed bumps would not be enough to deter boy racers, and wanted to see the intersection at Murdoch Rd and Railway Rd moved to make the road safer.

He lives on the west end of Murdoch Rad, and has had three major incidents where a car has crashed into his fence.

A council spokesperson said there had been no complaints about speed on Murdoch Rd East.

"According to our data, before Saturday's crash there had been only two crashes on Murdoch Rd East in the last 5 years, neither of these were caused by excessive speed."