An East Auckland local is outraged after a person illegally put out cones to block access to public parking down her street yesterday.

Posting on a local community group, the Bucklands Beach resident claimed that one of her neighbours decided they were the only one allowed to park on a particular section of the road by placing little toy cones out on the street.

The neighbour first placed an orange road cone to block parking, but residents swiftly removed it before the neighbour returned with a set of toy cones.

The Herald contacted Auckland Transport who said members of the public can not cone off on-street parking unless they have prior permission.


"On-street parking is for anyone to use, not just those who live nearby.

"These particular cones are not the type used by AT or AT contractors so they are not allowed.

"We would ask whoever put them on the road to remove them or our parking team will go out there and remove them."

Following the incident, The Bucklands Beach resident spoke with her neighbour to try make things right, which sparked a heated argument.

"I went and saw the people who put the cones out and they said it was so they could park their car there. No other reason," she said.

"I explained that this was illegal and they don't have the rights to a public road. He asked me to park my car elsewhere.

"I explained that I often do but if I want to park in that particular spot then I am quite entitled to. He said 'have a nice day, goodbye' and closed the door in my face."

On the same evening, the cones had been removed and the neighbour accused the local of stealing them.

"She said I told her husband I was going to take them, I never did," she told the Herald.

"She's calling police on me apparently ... she says she knows someone at the council and she paid them to give her permission to put cones out."

The resident spoke with Auckland Council, who told her there were no residential parking permits issued in the area.

Many locals originally poked fun at the incident on Facebook, giving the disgruntled resident advice on what to do with the cones.

"Tip them upside down and fill them with whipped cream with a cherry on the top," one person said.

Another joked: "Let's make a run the cones over party!"

"Crush them then claim insurance on your car against them," another said.