The search for a teenager swept off the rocks at a dangerous Raglan fishing spot will resume this morning.

A police spokesperson said the search teams would head out at 10am, to coincide with mid-tide for the outgoing tide, and would focus on the shoreline each side of Papanui Point.

The search includes members of the Police Search and Rescue team, Coastguard Air Patrol, and the Raglan Surf Club.

Raglan Surf Life Saving Club president Debbie Phillips-Morgan told NewstalkZB the area could be treacherous for those who did not know it well.

It was so notorious there used to be an angel ring there and they did not recommend people go fishing there, she told NewstalkZB.


"West Coast fishermen are well aware of what our surges can do here," she said.

"Sometimes we get visitors that do come out and don't keep an eye on what the surges are doing and just do get caught out unfortunately."

Along the main beach yesterday it was getting up to a two metre swell, she said.

"It did get up but around the other side, against the rock faces, it will be much larger.

"You are getting a three metre swell."

People needed to be mindful of when the tides changed, she said.

"We hope that people do use their common sense, if they are avid fishermen adhere to all the rules.

"Wear a lifejacket, even if you are standing on the rocks. Wear a lifejacket."


People needed to be totally prepared with all the safety equipment, she said.

Locals had previously campaigned against fishing in that spot, she said.

At this stage it was anticipated that the search will continue until after low tide.

Police were alerted at 1.30pm yesterday that a 17-year-old had been swept into the water at Papanui Point in Ruapuke. The spot has reportedly claimed close to 20 lives in the past 75 years.

The teen was with three other people.