Security guards have been hired to reinforce a ban on heavy "Remuera tractors" parking in an at-risk carpark in the Auckland suburb.

Auckland Transport has banned SUVs, vans, utes, commercial vehicles - any vehicles that weight over 2000kg - from the upper deck of the Clonbern Rd, Remuera, carpark.

The Auckland Council organisation says a security guard will be on site this week and next to hand out notices explaining, to drivers of potentially overweight vehicles, the ban imposed at the carpark.

The overweight vehicles are being directed to the lower level.


The upper deck of the two-level carpark is a deteriorating platform that has suffered from water ingress.

Numerous repairs have been made to the platform, but problems remain. The carpark was built in 1982.

Auckland Transport is trying to extend the platform's safe, usable life by limiting the weight it carries.

After a new sign stating the ban was erected several months ago, Ōrākei council member Desley Simpson said it applied to "Remuera tractors".

This week she said many drivers of overweight vehicles had continued to flout the ban after the new sign went up, but this had ended since a security guard had been posted to the carpark.

As signage is not working as well as it should AT have a security guard in place at Remuera’s Clonbern Rd carpark...

Posted by Desley Simpson on Monday, 29 October 2018

An Auckland Transport spokesman said, "The Ōrākei Local Board asked Auckland Transport to have someone on site to inform locals about the carpark."

He said the carpark remained safe to use, provided vehicles weighing more than 2000kg stayed off the upper deck.

The carpark is being monitored regularly for Auckland Transport.


"A report is due shortly from a firm of structural engineers and further decisions will be made after AT receives that report."

The carpark is at risk of closure if overweight vehicles park on the platform.

"Keeping the weight lowered is the only way the upper level can remain open," the spokesman said.