Several crashes have been reported across the Auckland transport network meaning delays for commuters trying to get to work on time ahead of the long weekend.

Crashes have been reported on the Northwestern Motorway and Southern Motorway.

Northern Motorway

Traffic heavy for citybound between Tristram Ave and Onewa Rd.


Free flowing for southbound.

Southern Motorway

Traffic heavy for citybound between Papakura and Takanini then between Penrose Rd and Greenlane.

Free flowing for southbound.

Northwestern Motorway

Heavy through Royal Rd due to a crash blocking middle lane linked to the Southern Motorway just after Newton Rd, causing delays back to Rosebank Rd.

Westbound and Waterview Tunnel is free-flowing.

Southwestern Motorway


Southbound traffic is heavy through Maioro St and Queenstown Rd.

Freeflowing for northbound and Waterview Tunnel.