Ousted MP Jami-Lee Ross reportedly had relationships with four women, with some claiming they were groomed and used for access to information and power.

One of the women, who worked in the same political circles as the married MP, says she had an affair with him after constant and repeated pressure, Newsroom reports.

Two of the relationships were sexual, the website says. Some of the women, who are not identified, felt "manipulated and intimidated" by Ross, while others felt pressured not to speak out.

Ross has been contacted for comment this morning.


One of the women, who said she had a sexual relationship with the MP, said Ross had told her his marriage was "on the rocks" and promised their relations would remain secret.

"Initially it was euphoric but I knew it was wrong," she told Newsroom, describing Ross as a "narcissist".

"It was like a fairy tale. I'd found this person, this soulmate, who provided meaningful advice … he always knew what to do. Looking back, it was nothing but a game."

But things changed after Ross began asking where she had been and who she had been with, she said.

"He would fly into jealous rages, arguing endlessly. That's when the abusive part of the relationship started to outweigh the love-bombing. I would think, 'Why can't I get this right? Why can't I communicate in a way that pleases him?'"

After that, sex between the two devolved to "brutal" and "misogynistic" and woman said she was barely able to function.

When the woman had tried to leave she was threatened by Ross who threatened to destroy her career or, make things better.

"It was very clear to me his political motivation was a lust for power and control," Newsroom reported.


"When I left, I saw him for what he was and only then could I fully protect myself. That was when a wave of people started coming to me to say 'Me too'."

Jami-Lee Ross and his wife Lucy Schwaner in 2015. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Jami-Lee Ross and his wife Lucy Schwaner in 2015. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Today the website reports on the stories of four unidentified women and the relationships which they now believe saw them variously groomed, used for access to information and power, and abused.

A second woman said she had an affair with Ross, another claimed she was abused by Ross and another who said her interactions with Ross has "destroyed" her as a person.

A third woman, a National Party member, said she had been abused by Ross and was shocked he claimed to have never harassed a woman.

"I watched as Jami-Lee Ross looked reporters in the eye and told the nation that he, 'to the best of his knowledge, had never harassed a woman'.

"He was calm. He was collected. He was every bit the master of deception."

The fourth woman, claiming to work in close proximity to Ross, said working with him had nearly destroyed her as person.

"It makes me shake, just thinking of him."

National MP Maggie Barry took to Twitter this morning to describe Ross as a "kamikaze narcissist" and a "dishonest, manipulative & totally untrustworthy piece of work".

Ross has previously said he was accused by National leader Simon Bridges and deputy leader Paula Bennett of harassing four women. He has denied the claims.

Bennett has said concerns were raised about Ross' behaviour as a married MP.

Ross, who has been expelled from National after a review concluded he leaked Bridges' travel expenses, told media yesterday that he was happy with how he conducted his private life. He warned against National trying to "lift the bedsheets".

A second woman told Newsroom she also had an affair with Ross and that she was manipulated into providing data about National Party figures.

A friendly work relationship had turned sexual after Ross began messaging her.

"While I knew it was unusual for an MP to be texting me for hours and into the night, I was flattered by the attention."

They had slept together at a National Party function.

She knew he was married and Ross had stopped wearing his wedding ring so she did not know where "things were at".

She felt "used" she felt Ross had been with her to "dig dirt".

Ross comments about respecting woman following the initial allegations of harassment had made her "laugh out loud", Newsroom reported.

Following his two-hour meeting with police yesterday, Ross addressed allegations of harassment.

"I had harassment allegations that supposedly existed around four women. I'm very clear on my recollection. I have further recordings of Simon Bridges and I in his office. I'm confident in what I said yesterday."

He maintained that he didn't have a chance to answer the allegations.

"When I'm accused of being a liar by the National Party and Simon Bridges, I have evidence, text messages and recordings that say I'm not a liar."

Ross said he did not know what Paula Bennett was referring to around accusations of inappropriate behaviour for a married Member of Parliament.

Asked if she was referring to affairs, Ross said: "I don't know."

Ross said he was comfortable with his relationship with his wife, and was not going to play a game of "lifting the bed sheets".

"I've said that I'm comfortable with all of my conduct, I'm comfortable that I am somebody who is standing up and doing the right thing.

"I know that there's smears about me at the moment: what I think has always been something in New Zealand politics that we leave personal lives and family out of this.

"I'm comfortable with what I have with my wife - if the way in which we're about to play politics, when a political party and the leader is under pressure, if they want to start lifting the bedsheets on everyone that works in that building, you guys and MPs, then I think there'll be a lot of people concerned - even those that are throwing allegations now."

Ross said he recorded Bridges telling him that he could find 15 women alleging inappropriate behaviour from Ross.