Amazing video of a man performing street magic in Napier has left people impressed and astonished.

The video posted on Facebook by Josh Wainui Tuapawa shows a man wearing an All Blacks beanie performing card tricks on a Napier street to stunned shoppers.

The man's performance begins by requesting a shopper to pick a card, with the audience member revealing the 4 of hearts to the camera.

The magician then places the card in the middle of the deck and with a click of his fingers it magically appears at the top.


The jaw-dropping performance left onlookers stunned, with one wowed shopper saying "Aww man."

The crafty magician then places the 4 of hearts on the shopper's hand while showing the Jack of diamonds from the deck.

After waving what we think is the Jack of diamonds face down, it has somehow changed to the 4 of hearts on reveal, with the shopper's card changing to the Jack of diamonds.

"Woaaaaah!" The people yell, looking at each other astonished.

"I didn't see him give it to you," the man said.

As he continues to blow shoppers' minds with tricks, they are heard complimenting the magician.

"You should be on TV bro, one person said.

"Ohh vicious."


The video has been viewed more than 350,000 times and recieved more than 5000 reactions and 6000 shares, with people sharing their amazement from the video.

"That is buzzy as cuz", one person commented.

"Oooosh vicious alright..", another said.