An Auckland-based builder has lost his licence after being found guilty of forgery.

Guangyou Feng had his Licensed Building Practitioner's (LBP) design licence cancelled by the Building Practitioners Board after it launched an inquiry in late 2017 and became aware he had been found guilty of five charges of forgery.

LBP registrar Paul Hobbs said Feng forged a producer statement which consumers and councils rely on to provide assurance that building designs meet building code compliance.

The statement was signed by an engineer and fraudulently altered by Feng to produce copies for other building consent applications.


Sentencing notes showed the criminal offending had taken place over a period of three years.

"These forged documents could have had serious, detrimental effects on New Zealanders' health and safety," Hobbs said.

"We have not taken his offences lightly, and in turn, Feng will not be able to practise as an LBP."

Producer statements also relate to professional indemnity insurance cover. By forging these Feng was jeopardising potential insurance cover and compliance assurance for consumers and councils.

Feng was convicted in the Auckland District Court of an offence punishable by imprisonment for six months or more, which reflects adversely on his fitness to carry out design work; and to have acted in a manner that would bring the LBP regime into disrepute.

"The bottom line is that Feng's misconduct has brought the LBP scheme into disrepute," Hobbs said.

"Fraudulent behaviour in any shape or form will not be tolerated, which is why Feng is no longer an LBP.

"New Zealanders can have confidence that when the board is made aware of LBPs who are breaching the law, and not upholding the responsibility that comes with being an LBP to the public, we will ensure they are disciplined."

Feng was also ordered to pay $1000 toward the costs of the board's inquiry.