It is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's big day at the UN as she delivers her first statement as Prime Minister to the UN General Assembly.

Ardern is due to give her speech early this morning, likely between 6am and 7.30am. It is unlikely to garner as much attention as US President Donald Trump's two days ago - New York is still talking about the spontaneous eruption of laughter from other leaders when Trump bragged his administration had achieved more than almost any other in history.

However, Ardern's statement is set to stand in quiet opposition to the views Trump set out on issues from trade and foreign aid to the role of the United Nations, globalism and the importance of countries working as a group over one on one.

Ardern was working on her speech up until the last minute.


"It will be very much based on New Zealand's values, and values we've been espousing for decades regardless of shade of government.

"There is no doubt though that we are in a particular context and environment where two different world views are being discussed, and different world views in terms of our institutions. So I'll be putting a bit of emphasis on our values."

Ardern has been very careful not to criticise or even gently mock Trump while in the USA, while not denying there are differences.

It is Ardern's last full day of appointments as she winds up the trip. It includes the first meeting of the Carbon Neutrality Convention established by French President Emmanuel Macron, and a meeting with former Australian PM Julia Gillard at a New York Times summit on women in leadership.

As for Neve, Ardern said she was fairly popular among other leaders: "Politicians love holding a baby."