A rap battle in West Auckland this week went sour before evolving into a massive brawl on the grounds of Massey High School.

Dozens of people have been filmed fighting at the school's gate, throwing fists and kicking people as chaos ensued.

Massey High School students claim students from another Auckland school visited Massey around lunchtime today and started the fight.

The footage appears to show a young man reach down to his ankle and pull an object out of his sock. Another camera angle appears to show him lunging at someone.


A student from Massey High told the Herald a rap battle and insult kicked off the initial confrontation.

She said teachers told the students to hide in a different area of the school.

"The boys were locked in the gym and the girls were locked in the fenced court area. People were crying and panicking," she said.

A young man lunging at another person with an object in his hand. Photo / Supplied
A young man lunging at another person with an object in his hand. Photo / Supplied

However, a senior student from Massey High said the fight was not related to the rap battle but a comment which was made towards students at another school.

An anonymous source told the Herald students from a South Auckland high school came to Massey High School with knives after a rap battle held at the school.

"They came because after a line from the annual Massey High rap battle offended them which took place on Monday," they said.

"They decided to take it by rushing any students from Massey that they could.

"They threatened students that they would come beat them up on Friday but they showed up today."


Massey High said on Facebook today that the school did not enter a lockdown and no one was stabbed.

"Massey High School advises that there has been an incident at lunchtime today where several students of another school attempted to enter our grounds," the Facebook post said.

"The school has followed our standard procedures in this instance and the matter is now at an end.

"We would like to clarify that there have been no injuries and the school has not been placed in lockdown," it said.

The student's mother told the Herald that for Massey High School to say there was not an incident was ridiculous.

"I couldn't even believe my eyes. For the school to say that it was nothing, they're covering their arse and it's ridiculous," she said.

However, another student told the Herald the school handled the situation very well.

"They made sure that all students were safe, and they patrolled the walking areas to make sure that people knew to go back to their classes," she said.

"We all felt somewhat shocked at the incident just because it was so out of the ordinary, and I personally had plenty of trust that the matter would be resolved well."

The student was unaware if people were hurt or if anyone was stabbed in the fight.

Another concerned parent said a lot of students were "very scared about returning to school tomorrow".

The mother also took aim at the school for putting all of the boys in the gym and leaving her daughter and the girls outside in a courtyard.

"Now that's so not right to me when my daughter was put out on the courts open to harm. How were they to know there were no firearms or whatever?" she said.

Another parent has also taken aim at the school for not addressing the fight directly.

"Kids from another school came in and started a big fight, I have vids from my son that show a kid pull a knife out of his shoe and attack a student from Massey.

"Massey High School shouldn't be hiding it. My son's friend was cut," the parent said.

Police said they attended Massey High School after reports of a disorder about 1.40pm.

Officers spoke with several people before leaving after the "incident" was resolved.

After leaving the school, a group of students attempted to move the fight to a park nearby, however, police were present and kept the peace.

"The incident has been resolved and police are no longer at the scene. We are not aware of any reports of any injuries," the spokesperson said.

"Police were already present to keep the peace and prevent any issues occurring and the group dispersed as a result, so there were no further issues."

Police said no one received medical treatment at the scene and they were unaware of any weapons used in the incident.