A New Zealand woman who's in a coma in Bali could be flown home as early as next week.

Hamiltonian Abby Hartley has been in hospital for a month with septicaemia, and her bill is already over $100,000.

Nearly $237,000 has been raised on the Givealittle website to help pay her medical expenses and her trip home.

Her husband Richard says he's talking to an Australasian company about how his wife can be flown home in a private jet.


He says there's not the drugs available immediately because they can only carry so much on the plane.

Hartley says the company is waiting for the correct doctors and nurses to accompany his wife.

It's expected to cost $170,000 to fly her home.

Hartley fell ill at the start of this month while holidaying in Bali and was eventually placed in an induced coma on August 15.

Her family created a Givealittle page to help cover the enormous hospital bills stacking up after their insurance company refused to pay. By today it has raised $237,000.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said yesterday the situation was "deeply distressing" and was a case where their insurance company should step up.

Hartley's claim had been refused because her illness related to a pre-existing condition.

"I can only imagine that kind of situation, I know the MFAT team on the ground are doing what they can," Ardern said.


"Ultimately, what we hope is in these cases that insurers really step in and assist families when they have situations like this", Ardern said.