Auckland Council is considering cracking down on unlicensed tattoo artists.

The council is reviewing the city's health and hygiene guidelines which could see eyeball tattooing banned unless it's carried out by a qualified medical professional.

Auckland councillor Linda Cooper told Newstalk ZB's Kate Hawkesby the council wanted to give potential tattoo customers peace of mind their treatment was at a high standard.

"It is about making sure people have confidence when they are going out that it is a safe and clean practice."


The five-year mandatory review gave the council the opportunity to look at what has changed in the landscape.

"We have found there are things, like eyeball tattooing, that are not covered by the bylaw, so we need to change it to reflect that."

The council is calling for submissions on the proposals, which would require all services that pierce, or risk breaking or burning tissue (not just the skin) to be licensed.

The review was also clarifying rules about traditional tattooing like tā moko and traditional Pacific tattoo.

Massage therapists and water parks would also have to meet higher standards.