Thousands of Aucklanders are still waiting to have their valuation objections processed by Quotable Value (QV) and now Auckland Council is stepping in.

Last month the council lashed out at the state-owned enterprise and accused it of not doing its job by inspecting properties.

A QV spokesman declined to comment about the matter when the Herald contacted them this afternoon.

Regardless, today the council announced its rates team will write to around 2500 ratepayers this week to offer assistance on their outstanding objections.


The council said the delay from QV has been "unacceptable" in completing around 5000 valuation objections following the council's revaluation process last year.

As a result of QV not meeting the terms of their contract, the council has withheld payment.

Acting chair of the council's finance and performance committee, Councillor Desley Simpson said the council will do all it can to assist those who might not be able to pay their rates.

Acting Chair of the council's Finance and Performance Committee, Councillor Desley Simpson. Photo / Michael Craig
Acting Chair of the council's Finance and Performance Committee, Councillor Desley Simpson. Photo / Michael Craig

"The council is extremely disappointed to find itself in this situation, not of its making but is doing all it can to try to assist where possible.

"The first instalment rates invoices have been issued based on the current valuation, as is required by law.

"However, we recognise that some ratepayers may have concerns about paying their increased rates where they have an outstanding objection which may result in a lower valuation and consequently a lower rates bill," Simpson said.

The council will contact those still waiting to see if they can assist with payment options and say residents should get in touch if they are concerned about paying their rates.

Simpson told the Herald the council is obligated to look out for their ratepayers and do "everything we can to assist them".


"There are a number of people in my ward (Ōrākei) that have contacted me with concerns.

"From a councillor perspective, I want to make sure our ratepayers are looked after as best as possible.

"I think it is appropriate, even though it isn't our making, that we owe it to our ratepayers to communicate with them and try and support them through this process," she said.

All outstanding revaluation queries are expected to be resolved by December this year. For more information, please visit the council website.

Available options for ratepayers who think they will struggle to pay their rates

• Payment arrangements

• Direct Debit

• Rates Rebate

• Rates Postponement

• Assistance for the elderly in retirement villages