TVNZ has come under fire for posting a video of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern breastfeeding baby Neve in the background of a press conference.

Ardern today attended the announcement that plastic bags would be banned, and brought her eight-week-old baby Neve along with her.

While standing at the back of the hall, a One News cameraman turned and filmed Ardern while she was holding Neve.

A blanket is covering Neve, and TVNZ surmised that she was breastfeeding.


The video has since been taken down.

A TVNZ spokeswoman said the video was removed after they had received a lot of criticism and decided it was wrong.

Founder of Mothers Helpers Kristina Paterson said she felt strongly that Ardern had set a wonderful example of how workplaces can and should accommodate new mothers.

"Given the strict rules for filming little Neve have been put in place by the speaker, it's clear that there was a violation of privacy and that any filming of the Prime Minister with her baby should be only at the Prime Minister's expressed consent," Paterson said.

Newstalk ZB host Andrew Dickens raised the issue on air and said he was outraged that TVNZ posted the video.

He asked how it was even allowed given tough rules imposed by speaker Trevor Mallard banning unauthorised video of Neve.

Listeners were divided, with several criticising TVNZ for posting it and others pointing out that she was clearly trying to protect Neve as she had covered her face.

Others questioned why Ardern had even brought Neve with her to the conference, with one person suggesting she was using Neve as a prop.

Dickens pointed out that Neve was eight weeks old and would require breastfeeding, and that she and Ardern were at the back of the room where they were meant to be out of sight of the cameras.