The 23-year-old Kiwi who died after jumping from a highway bridge in Canada had only left New Zealand a month ago to spend a year abroad with her partner.

Danni Hogan of New Plymouth died after jumping off the 20-metre-high Bruhn Bridge into the water in Sicamous, British Columbia.

Hogan left for Canada with her partner Louis Aiello on a year-long trip late last month.

A trainer at her former martial arts gym in New Plymouth said they were all in shock at her passing.


"It has hit the crew hard," said Pina Simpson, who runs the New Plymouth branch of Southern Tribes Aotearoa.

Some of his students had attended her and Aiello's farewell two weeks ago.

"She was full of life, and an awesome young person with a beautiful smile."

Hogan had trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts with Simpson for about eight months.

"She was enthusiastic and picked up techniques pretty quick. She was never afraid to give things a go."

She had left the gym about to year ago to focus on other opportunities in the fitness industry.

"She definitely enjoyed life and we are all in shock at her passing. Our thoughts and condolences go to her whānau and partner."

The Salmon Arm Observer in British Columbia reported the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called to the Bruhn Bridge over the Sicamous Channel in the Canadian Rockies at 2am Wednesday local time.


"According to an RCMP press release, the woman was in medical distress after jumping from the bridge into the channel," the newspaper reported.

"The woman was one of four people to jump from the bridge, which is approximately 20 metres from the surface of the water. When she did not immediately resurface, other people present helped her to shore.

"According to the RCMP release, the woman was transported to a local hospital and then to a larger hospital in the area before she was pronounced dead."

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Wellington said the NZ High Commission in Ottawa was in contact with local authorities about the woman's death.

Facebook posts show that the bridge has long been a popular place to jump from.

A July 2015 post shows young people jumping off the bridge in daylight, with comments such as "Awesome" and "Wow, looks like fun, be careful angel!!!"

But Hogan's death was the second water-related death in Sicamous this summer.

Police said initial investigation did not suggest any criminal activity was involved in her death.

The Coroners Service is now investigating the death.