A 24-year-old Kaitaia man who smashed a reinforced window to escape from the Kaitaia District Court on Friday did not enjoy his freedom for long.

He was pursued on foot by two police officers, who apprehended him on the intersection of Redan Rd and and Commerce St, about 100 metres from the courthouse.

A court security spokesman said the man had taken exception to news, delivered by his lawyer, that the police prosecutor was opposing bail at his appearance before the court registrar. He reacted by kicking out the 8mm reinforced glass window in the interview room, hopped through the hole and ran off along an internal corridor and out the front doors.

He had been arrested for allegedly breaching his bail on charges of assaulting a female, wilful damage, assaulting, resisting and threatening police. He is now expected to face further charges of wilful damage and escaping.