An unconscious and hypothermic woman has been pulled from Lake Taupō this morning.

Emergency services received reports of a swimmer in distress 50m from the shore between Rifle Range Rd and Tui St about 10am.

Taupō Harbourmaster Heath Cairns said the woman was unconscious and very cold when they pulled her from the lake. A firefighter had already swum out to her with lifejackets and started to swim her back to shore when the coastguard arrived.

They got her to the beach where she was going in and out of consciousness, Cairns said.


She was put on oxygen and taken to Taupō Hospital by ambulance.

Cairns said a member of the Coastguard made a call to the harbourmaster after he happened to be on the beach and saw the scene unfolding.

Earlier a police media spokeswoman said the person was waving and drifting. A bag of clothes was on the beach.