A magnitude 4 earthquake rocked Christchurch this evening.

The earthquake struck about 10km east of Christchurch at a depth of 12km at 9.10pm.

Geonet said it caused moderate shaking but within 15 minutes more than 7600 people had reported feeling it.

The earthquake came nearly nine years to the minute after the 7.8 earthquake which rocked Dusky Sound in 2009.


Twitter users took to the internet to share their experiences.

"Crikey dickens that was pretty shuddery. Still, nothing off the shelves," one wrote.

Another described it as an "unwelcome sideways shunt" and said she heard it rolling in before she felt it.

Another Christchurch resident said it was the biggest one they had felt in a while. Many mentioned it had set their nerves on edge again.

On Facebook, Herald readers also shared their experience with many saying it felt far bigger than a 4.

While the earthquake did not appear to do any damage readers said it was a "good shake".

One commented: "House was rocking kids were screaming."

"Given all the experience I have had over the years, I immediately thought it was at least a 4.5 maybe slightly higher ... we really did move here in North New Brighton .. and we dashed to the children's room unsure of where the quake was going," Marlene Fedoruk wrote.


Glenda Blagdon said it felt bigger than it was. "Just a 4? Really? Felt bigger here in Rangiora. Cat still freaked!"