A community labyrinth in this year's light and arts festival in the Hutt Valley is expected to take visitors "on a journey".

The labyrinth will be installed at Dowse Square for the Hutt Winter Festival in August, and will be made from tape artwork created partly by members of the community.

The tape art will be put on the ground and will create pathways for people to walk through.

Artists Erica Duthie and Struan Ashby are bringing tape art to New Zealand and are running free workshops so Hutt residents can join in the art form and create their own piece to go in the community labyrinth.


"It's not about a maze, it's not about making a decision, it's about trusting in a journey," Duthie said.

"The action of a labyrinth walking is the shared sensation of being in a group, in a moment."

Ashby said walking through the labyrinth was a "meditative" experience.

"You kind of find yourself and let go of something."

Residents visiting the workshops were able to bring their own stories and cultures into the artwork, he said.

Ashby and Duthie, whose work is currently being exhibited in Berlin, said tape art was "non-elitist" and anybody could get involved.

Other free workshops include mask and lantern making, bicycle decorating for an illuminated bike parade, and puppet-making.

The workshops were about getting the community involved in the festival and allowing people in lower decile areas to have more involvement with the arts.

Hutt City Council community arts and culture advisor Pippa Sanderson said about 1500-2000 showed up to last year's inaugural festival, but council expected 6000-10,000 this year.

Last year was "heavily weighted towards participation", but organisers had changed things this year to make it an enjoyable spectacle for people to watch if they weren't interested in participating.

"Last year's inaugural festival was such a success in terms of community participation, and opportunities for our local arts practitioners and art groups, it wasn't a hard decision to bring it to the Hutt Valley once again," she said.

"Ultimately we are about connecting people through arts and culture and giving locals an opportunity to experience creative performances in a free or low cost, accessible and family-orientated way," says Pippa.

"The programme line-up is really impressive, we have 17 'give it a go' workshops, a talent quest, a wearable arts show, outdoor installations and parades - there really is something for everyone."

Hutt City Mayor Ray Wallace was pleased to see the fixture return.

"The Hutt Winter Festival is a great celebration of our local arts scene – something we are proud of for bringing the community together, showing what the Hutt can do, and encouraging visitors from the wider Wellington region.

"We are looking forward to providing an opportunity for people to get out of the house, wrap up warm and let the colourful activities brighten up the winter months."

The festival runs from August 16-18 but workshops are open now.