A man who yelled at police officers and challenged them to a street fight has been ordered to do a dose of community work.

Mattisse Jackson was sentenced by Judge Garry Barkle in Whanganui District Court to 120 hours of community work for disorderly behaviour and ordered to pay a police officer $500 in emotional harm reparation.

At 6.30pm on July 3, police were called to a Whanganui address where Jackson had become intoxicated, police prosecutor Stephen Butler told the court.

"The defendant became involved in a heated argument with an associate at the address. This argument escalated and became physical," Butler said.


During the tussle between the two, a glass window was smashed at the property before police arrived.

"He began yelling at police and challenging them to a fight on the street. The defendant was arrested. He immediately became abusive and began thrashing his body about in an attempt to break free," Butler said.

"The defendant was covered in blood and sweat which made it difficult for police to control him. He was eventually handcuffed, but continued to abuse police and challenge them to a fight."

Jackson continued his tirade as he was taken to the station in a police vehicle.

Duty solicitor Jamie Waugh said Jackson recently moved to Turangi to get away from his alcohol-fuelled lifestyle in Whanganui.

Judge Garry Barkle addressed Jackson before sentencing him.

"Mr Jackson, you're still a young man and you've accumulated, over the last couple of years, a number of disturbing convictions.

"I hope the move to Turangi and your family support will be helpful for you and get you out of this cycle that you seem to be in with alcohol."

Jackson was also convicted and discharged for breaching community work.