Paralympic gold medalist Liam Malone had a good laugh when he was given a ticket for parking in a disabled park, despite clearly having artificial legs.

"I was given a parking ticket for parking in a disabled car park the other day despite warden seeing I had artificial legs. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT," he wrote on Twitter.

He was ticketed when he briefly parked in a mobility park in Takapuna, on Auckland's North Shore but says he is happy to pay the ticket and only posted about it as "a joke".

Malone's tweet was in response to one from comedian Guy Williams, who said a parking warden took a photo with him, but still gave him a ticket.


"A parking warden took a photo with me ... but still gave me a ticket!? I don't know how much a photo with me is worth, but obviously, it's less than $12," Williams tweeted.

Malone said he didn't have a mobility parking permit so could not park in such parks but said he thought it was funny.

Other Twitter users joined in on the joke with one saying he should have taken his leg off and thrown it.

Malone became one of the stars of the 2016 Paralympics with two golds and a silver on the track.

He had both legs amputated below the knee when he was 18 months old, being born with a fibular hemimelia – in which part or all of the fibula bone is missing.

The retired athlete, who now works in artificial intelligence, posted to Twitter about the experience with the parking warden.

People with unseen disabilities often come under fire for using disabled parks, including the Australian mum of a teen with joint hyper-mobility syndrome.

Mum Shanell Beriman told the Sunshine Coast Daily her daughter had a rare genetic disease which affected her heart, liver and muscles, gradually weakening the muscles to the point where she cannot get out of bed for days at a time, and is usually in a wheelchair.

But on one recent occasion, the girl felt well enough to walk from the car to the shops with her mum.

Someone, having witnessed this, left a note which read: "Why are you parking in a disabled carpark when both you and your daughter are perfectly capable of walking? Wrong — shame on you for using the sticker ungraciously."

Leading up to the election last year, National Party candidate Katrina Bungard also revealed she's "bullied" for using disability parks, despite being an amputee.

She had her left leg amputated above the knee when she was 11 because of bone cancer, and uses an artificial limb.

People still approach Bungard to reprimand her, and used to try to send emails to then-party leader Bill English to get her in trouble.