More than $314,000 worth of assets have been forfeited to the Crown after members of an organised criminal group were sentenced in Palmerston North earlier this year.

Manawatu drug syndicate member Richard John McPhail was jailed for six years when he appeared in the Palmerston North District Court on February 9 on charges of unlawful possession of firearms, possessing methamphetamine and cannabis for supply, and possession of cocaine.

Parallel to the criminal proceedings, the Crown sought the forfeiture of assets identified and seized during the arrest and search of McPhail and his associates.

On June 8, the High Court granted the forfeiture of property belonging to McPhail.


Its value was $254,306, which included $219,306 and two vehicles.

The order came after $60,225 in cash was seized from McPhail's co-accused.

"This is an excellent outcome for the Palmerston North community," Detective Senior Sergeant Brent Murray of the central asset recovery unit said today.

Murray said the message from police was clear.

"If any person attempts to profit from crime they risk lengthy terms of imprisonment and the loss of their assets."

He encouraged people to report suspicious financial activities and "anyone who appears to be accumulating wealth and assets with no apparent legitimate means".