I have no idea what Sarah Huckabee Sanders is getting paid for her job, but it's not enough.

The news that the White House press secretary was ejected from a small town restaurant in Virginia where she was dining with seven other people, because the owner disagreed with her politically, is staggering.

For a liberal elite preaching tolerance, this was nothing but hate.

Huckabee-Sanders had the good grace not to make a fuss, to leave immediately without complaint, and to offer to pay for what they'd already eaten.


The owner of this business said she's "not a huge fan of confrontation", and that she "wants her business to thrive".

Somehow, her behaviour would suggest otherwise.

I don't like Donald Trump or what he stands for either, but I know that I wouldn't throw his press secretary out of a restaurant.

This woman has been ridiculed by comedians, sat through a personal attack on her at the White House Correspondents dinner, and now can't even go out for dinner without looking behind her to check for knives. It doesn't matter what your politics, how is this acceptable?

To speak endlessly about acceptance and love for all, to preach about living without judgment or condemnation, to rally against targeting people because of their race religion or beliefs, to profess to support every human, and protect each other's mental health - how does all of that get thrown out of the window when it affects your own politics?

The hypocrisy is striking.

Huckabee-Sanders has been the target of so much vitriol, it has literally become a case of shooting the messenger.

What this restaurant owner and people like her are saying is that, unless you conform to my politics, my way of doing things, my belief system, then I will punish you.

Trump, believe it or not, was elected to his position. He was not put there by Huckabee-Sanders, he was not self-ordained, he got voted in by the American people.

The most powerful way to vote him out, is just that, with votes - using the very same democracy that got him there in the first place. It's not by witch hunts and small town campaigns of throwing members of his administration out of restaurants.

How does making a woman leave a private paid-for dinner at your restaurant make any difference to Republican policy or to the stance of your country's President?

Surely all it does is create the two very things this restaurateur said she wanted to avoid: confrontation, and bad business.

Her petty actions have resulted in both.