Kāpiti Coast District Council could look at providing funding to get a private airline to take up services that Air New Zealand has dropped.

Council has been negotiating with Air Chathams for a few months, after the national carrier stopped its service between Paraparaumu and Auckland.

Mayor K Gurunathan said today he couldn't reveal much of what might be on the table to bring Air Chathams in, but that a $50,000 contribution to marketing was one option.

Raumati and Paraparaumu Community Board deputy chairman Guy Burns was "totally aghast" that council was considering subsidising the airline.


"Councils should just stick with the core services," Burns said.

"History has shown the folly of local government meddling in activities they have no expertise or mandate to. As recently as 2012, KCDC lost over one million dollars in a failed investment with Clean Tech Park in Otaki.

"Council must stick to the knitting of providing basic services to ratepayers and the best way they can support any business is to reduce red tape and cumbersome compliance requirements."

Mayor Gurunathan said council was trying to provide an asset for the community.

A Colmar Brunton survey released on Friday showed 91 per cent of residents supported the arrangement to have the service continue, he said.

"Mr Guy Burns would be a minority."

Burns said flights between Paraparaumu and Auckland were not a core service, but a luxury.

"I'm totally surprised that the council will even be considering it. The current council has been working hard to keep costs down for ratepayers and this is totally against any action that actually is helping ratepayers. It's actually working against the interests of ratepayers."


Council will be making a decision on Thursday afternoon.