Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel is trying to woo The Terminator to the city.

Not to take out critics of chlorination, or the town hall budget blow-out, but to spread awareness of the impact of climate change.

"Climate change is not a political issue, it's a health issue," Arnold Schwarzenegger said during the R20 Austrian World Summit in Vienna.

Dalziel tweeted asking whether the former governor of California would come to New Zealand and spread that message.


"I would love to know if @Schwarzenegger would come to New Zealand and spread this message!" the tweet said.

But when asked a number of questions by about the tweet, Dalziel was surprisingly silent.

A spokeswoman said: "The mayor has asked me to pass on that this was for a conference and that he hasn't replied." also approached Schwarzenegger for comment and to see if her plea was successful. He has not responded.

Schwarzenegger co-founded the R20 Regions of Climate Action non-profit organisation dedicated to helping local governments develop low-carbon projects.

During the summit he spoke for more than 20min about the effects of climate change on human health and how much of an influence local governments had on combating it.

"To empower local and regional governments, cities, states and provinces and to let them know to move forward in a strong way and not wait for the federal or national government or for their capital because most of the action always is happening on a local and grass roots level," Schwarzenegger said.

In November, the city council set its own net carbon-neutral target for 2030 and a citywide target for 2050.

If Dalziel's bid to get Arnie to New Zealand is successful, he might even say that one thing we all want to hear.

"I'll be back."