Eden Park will be a hive of activity at the All Blacks vs France game tonight - thanks to 120,000 bees that moved in this week.

Two beehives have been placed in the Gate A lot (behind the ticket office), and another two at the eastern end of the P5 parking lot.

The number of bees, which travel up to 3km in the winter and 5km in summer to search for pollen, is expected to grow from 120,000 to 360,000 in the summer months.

The Eden Park Trust worked with a group called BeezThingz to bring the initiative to the stadium, in the hope of eventually producing Eden Park honey.

Trust chief executive Nick Sautner said the project reflected the trust's commitment to sustainable and community initiatives at Eden Park.


"Our onsite medical provider St John has been briefed and has access to the appropriate EpiPens in the unlikely event they are needed," Sautner said.

"Look out for Eden Park Honey in the coming months."

The bees would be very well behaved so long as they were not agitated, so members of the public were encouraged to go and have a look, but refrain from touching the beehives.

BeezThingz have delivered similar projects with a range of other businesses as well as local schools such as Owairaka District School in a bid to encourage urban beekeeping and to help bees to thrive.